Drive Thru Innovation and Development 

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Drive-thru business has proven to generate 70 percent of total revenue for quick service or fast casual brands, but the current architectural prototype of these brands doesn’t reflect this business model. Even new prototypes still rely on traditional retail and order/sit down dining. That in-store physical experience is 90 percent of the investment, leaving 10 percent to the drive-thru experience – a split that hasn’t changed since the invention of the drive-thru concept. New developments in IT and social media engagement have created even more challenges and opportunities in prototype development.

Roughly twenty years ago, before the statistics above were published, one of our progressive clients challenged TDC to rethink and transform the transactional nature of this high-volume brand-customer engagement into an experience that would create meaningful brand affinity. Since then, infusing lively new culture and technological advancement, we have helped top brands rethink, create, and break the mold of this crucial brand channel, proven as one of the most successful business outlets during and post-Covid 19.

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