Steak N’ Shake USA 

Experience Positioning,   Prototype Development

Legacy Brand Revived 

This brand is well known for the thin crispy burnt edges burger that is beyond delicious and the famous shake with a cherry on top and loved by their loyal customer in midwest. The agressive expansion to places beyond their comfortzone throught United Sates force the brand to re-think how they can leverage the legacy and introduce them to new potential customer without alienating the current ones.

Our team, bringing Steak N’ Shake to the new era, moving from 80’s theme experience, featuring boldness of the brand DNA in shape and color, resulting univeral classic and proud atmosphere that is undeniable American.

The success of the brand is pushing forward the innovation of new service preposition that is “unlike” Steak N’ Shake by providing small format prototype and counter service preposition. Adding the complimentary service preposition to the real estate portfolio needs careful strategy and sensitivity. We are able to overcome this challenge by providing different yet related design that is unique to the brand yet differentiate the service programs.

Collab Partners
Steak N’ Shake, FRCH Specialty Design

Self Serve Prototype Design Study