Steak N’ Shake International

International Expansion, Flagship Design

We are going to Cannes...

also Ibiza, Monaco, St. Tropez, and Marseilles. Long way from the birth place, Indianapolis Indiana, Steak N’ Shake current ownership has a big plan for this Legacy Brand. We are challenged to open our mind, presenting economical burger to changing economy in these world class destination. We took this 5 years worldwide excursion creating magic, worldclass flagship architecture,  balancing the DNA of this legacy brand, future of the brand, ownership business forwardness, and strict European historical challanges.

We took the learning from the European excursion to world brand flagship in Steak N Shake new hometown San Antonio and in beautiful Santa Monica Pier area. The Santa Monica currently up and running, while the agressive mega flagship in San Antonio still in consideration. However these valuable brand and design exercise is allowing this classic, all American Legacy brand to the next level, a world class brand, worth noted.

Collab Partners
Steak N’ Shake Team, FRCH Specialty Design Team