Spoleto Brasil & USA 

International Expansion Design Strategy, Experience Positioning and Prototype Development

The Classic Intrepreted 

Pasta is an Italian expression of Love. It is personal, unique, and reflects who prepared it. Even with the same recipe, not all pasta dishes will taste the same. It truly reflects the creator, the individual behind the dish. Take it to Spoleto, which believes in this concept, and take it further with a Brazilian spin. Freshly boiled pasta, cooked al dente, tossed with your choice of toppings and sauces, in front of your eyes, proves that the best pasta comes when it is freshly cooked skillfully with Love. With a smile! Magic, that's what came out as a result.

Our team brought this successful brand to the next level by strategically expressing this Brazilian-Italian connection to the United States. To get this brand International, we interpret this cultural nuance and operational challenges into an international customer journey and created the architectural language that translates the brand's spirit.  

Collab Partners
Spoleto Team Brazil, FRCH Specialty Design Team Brazil

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