Olu Olu Coffee

International Expansion, Prototype Design

Introducing Tropical Coffee Experience to the World.

Our client, a successful business venture and a coffee plantation owner in Indonesia, has a big idea: producing and sharing affordable top-grade products and their love of coffee with the world. With the saturated coffee market in Indonesia and the world, Olu Olu Coffee needed significant points of differentiation. TDC took this challenge and came up with TROPICAL EXPERIENCE positioning, a balanced answer to its complex product origination, coffee taste, plantation locations, brand origins, brand channels, and potential retail location growth areas. We expressed it in a flexible design language with a kit of parts mindset, allowing architectural and marketing communication to shape an ultimate brand experience physically and virtually.  

Olu Olu set its sights beyond its current business reach aggressively to Tokyo, Japan, Bali Island, Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, the Middle East, and the USA were the top potential growth locations. Satisfy with the design outcome, Olu Olu assigned TDC currently set the sail designing several rollout flagship designs in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the first location in Tokyo, Japan.
Collab Partners
Olu Olu Indonesia, Olu Olu Japan