Olu Olu Coffee

International Expansion, Prototype Design

Introducing Tropical Coffee Experience to the World.

Our client, a successful business venture and a coffee plantation owner in Indonesia, has a big idea: producing and sharing affordable top-grade coffee with the world. With the saturated coffee market in Indonesia and the world, Olu Olu Coffee needed a significant differentiation point based on origination. Balancing coffee taste, plantation location, and investment/funding, Olu Olu set their sights beyond their current business reach. Tokyo, Japan, Bali Island, Indonesia, and Hawaii were the top of potential locations for first growth.

Olu Olu consulted TDC Coffee because of our experience with expansion and growth strategy. The task: to establish a prototype with a differentiating brand position with the above-described obstacles and benefits. We came up with positioning for Olu Olu as an International Tropical Coffee brand; an experience of escape, to relax, and refresh. We created a prototype in Bali and Japan simultaneously. In this project, we worked as a designer and business consultant, bringing resources from different parts of the world to establish the brand from physical, virtual experience creation, procurement, and operational POV.
Collab Partners
Olu Olu Indonesia, Olu Olu Japan