Girrafas Brazil

Interior Expansion Strategy,  Experience Retail Design


Knife & Fork Food

Being comfortable as a brand in a growing country such as Brazil is not a good plan. Ever-changing customer wants and needs, and a fierce competition with international brands, has forced Giraffas to come up with a nontraditional grand plan: Giraffas should be a global brand, and bring the brand back to Brazil as new, fresh, and progressive.

The result is a fresh look that showcases Brazil-inspired cuisine and culture to the world. It is bold, fun, and evokes Latin energy. At the same time, a new way of eating fast food is presented. Fast does not mean you cannot enjoy what dining means in Brazil. You take a break from activities and dine! This is what the Knife “n” Fork way is all about!

Collab Partners
FRCH Department Store Team, FRCH Specialty Design Team