About us

Simply put, we are a restaurant design and experience builder expert. With the leadership of Tobias Harris, our principal, we have successfully helped food service companies worldwidestrategize, plan, and manage the curation of their brand expression through physical and digital experience. Our expertise and experiences lead us to help our clients manage their growth by creatively overcoming challenges that face them in providing their customers with the best brand expression.

Toby...Restaurants need to be soulful! Food is a living thing! 

-Marve H Cooper
A father figure, mentor, a dear friend

Through 25+ years of designing restaurants, Tobias has been focused on one thing, which is spreading the soulfulness of food, the soul existence of the dining experience, no matter if it is a food hawker, a food stall, or a five-star elegant restaurant. Heavily influenced by his mentor, Marve H. Cooper, during the most important development career phase, Tobias believes a food entity must be soulful, and that’s exactly what bases his success in creating food experience worldwide, for all!

Untraditional Manifesto for an untraditional design and branding agency!

Tobias's career has led him to lead prestigious world-class agencies, doing groundbreaking work that shapes the restaurant industry. Learning from the best design leaders in the world how to mold the current design and branding agency business model, he felt dissatisfied with a practice that is not in line with the position he believes in. With his natural and positive attitude to keep up with changes in the way people live and how design and branding practice change, Tobias established a manifesto that allowed him to focus on creating the most soulful dining experience. He believes in experts' collaborative model and total commitment to client's business growth challenges and forward-thinking in untraditional manners.

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Board of collaborators

Tobias Harris W Storyteller / Chief Creative Officer
Pam Levine / Levine+Harris Creative Branding and Marketing, Luxury Brand Specialist,
Mike Ruehlman / Good Fire Design, Graphic Communication
Cristina Ferrari Brand and Marketing
DEXI MARKETING de Varejo, Brazil / Sergio Barbi, Desiree Peron Brazil Retail Marketing
Formoperation / Stanley Gandhi Architectural Design
Formoperation / Susy Gunawan Interior Engagement /Fixture
Stay Observant / Brian Rodriguez Product Design
Joon Park UX/UI Specialist
BEA / Frank Mulich Architectural Services, Roll Out, Survey and Analysis